How do I assign users to an order?

Learn how you can assign Appraisers and Reviewers to orders in Anow. AND assign multiple Appraisers per order!

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Assign on New Order Form

When creating a new appraisal, in the Details section there is an area where you can assign an appraiser or reviewer. You can set the assigned appraiser by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting the relevant user, or by clicking the green icon next to the "Appraiser" field.

Important Note #1: The assignment process for Reviewers, is the same as Appraisers. Simply click the dropdown next to the Reviewer/Review Lead field to assign a user to this role on an order.

Important Note #2: Users subscribed to Anow Grow or Accelerate plans will also be able to assign Inspectors and Trainees on orders.

Assign Multiple Appraisers on New Appraisal Form

Please note that unless you're subscribed to either the Anow Grow or Accelerate plan, only one Reviewer/Review Lead can be assigned per order.

Step 1 to adding another appraiser to your order is to click + Add another assignment.

Click the green icon next to the new line to reveal the Enhanced Assign window.

On this window you'll want to set the Assignment Role to "Appraiser", then select the "Assign" button next to the user you want to add.

As soon as you click the Assign button, the order form will update accordingly with the newly assigned appraiser.

Continue filling out order details and add the appraisal to Anow like you normally would.

Please Note: For every appraiser you add to an order (on new appraisal form or details page), a new Appraiser Fee item will appear.

For example, Britt and Brenda are both assigned as appraisers on an order (Britt is the primary), where the report fee is set to $550.

  • Even though Brenda isn't the primary appraiser, she will still have a new fee line for her commission on the $550 report fee as well. Brenda's commission has been set in her profile to 50%, so for this report she will get $275.
    [$550 x 50% = $275]

  • The total Appraiser Fee amount for the entire order is $425.
    [Britt's $150 + Brenda's $275 = $425].

Assign (or re-assign) on Appraisal Details Page

The second way to assign an appraiser or review lead to a file is from the details of an appraisal already created. This is also how you can re-assign an appraiser.

From your dashboard, click on the appraisal you would like to assign. Just below the address panel on the details page you will see an Appraiser field like this:

Click the plus icon by the relevant role (Appraiser or Review Lead) to reveal the assignment window. Search for the user you want and click Assign by their name.

Please Note: You can also assign orders to Contractors through this field.

They will receive an e-mail confirming the appraisal has been assigned to them and they can begin work on it. The details page will also update to reflect the assignee name, the role they're assigned to (Appraiser or Review Lead), if they're the Primary assignee on the order, and the progress on any workflow tasks they're responsible for.

Anow Pro Tip: Re-assign a user by clicking on the name of the existing assignee, then select the "Unassign" button by the user's name. Choose the new appraiser you want to assign and you're all set!

Assign Multiple Users on Appraisal Details Page

All you need to do is click "Add Another" in the appraiser area on the details page. Set the Assignment Role to "Appraiser" and pick your user. That's it!

Click here to learn more about the Appraisal Order Details page ➡️

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