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How do I add a new appraisal?
How do I add a new appraisal?
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To see how to use the Quick add function and add new appraisals from any page in the application, use this article.

Click on the Blue New Appraisal button to get started adding a new appraisal.

There are only 2 required fields when creating a new appraisal.

1) The property address.

2) Who ordered the report.

The rest of the fields are up to your discretion whether you'd like to fill them out now, or fill them out later (or not at all). You can choose to assign an appraiser right from this page, and they will be notified of this. You can also set the appointment, due date and even mark the order as Rush.

When done, click the + Add Property button at the bottom to create this new order.

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