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How to Utilize Payment Links
How to Utilize Payment Links

Start utilizing Payment Links in Anow to streamline collecting payment from clients and mark orders paid!

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If you haven't done so already, you must have your company's banking information setup in the Payments section of your account in order to start accepting client payments. Click here for instructions.

All Admin style account roles, and Appraiser style account roles that are not Restricted, have the ability to generate Payment Links.

Within the details of an order go to the Fees & Costs section and click Payment Link at the bottom right:

This will take you to the invoice creator. Here you will see all of the information that was drawn from your order automatically, including those that are used to Generate a PDF Invoice.

The next section, Invoice Line Items are pulled from the Fees & Costs section, and can all be adjusted if needed for both PDF Invoices and Payment Links. You can also add additional items as you wish. There are fields for you to enter the Tax % or dollar amount, as well as the Amount Paid, which is very useful if you have gotten a partial payment or deposit.

When you are ready to generate your link, simply click on the Generate Payment Link button on the top or bottom right.

A new tab will open previewing the Payment Link:

The new Payment Link will now show at the bottom of the Fees & Costs section of the order:

You can include the Payment Link in an email to your client! When they complete payment the order will be marked as Paid by the system.

Pro Tip: If the order is from a Connect client, now that the Payment Link has been generated, all Admin style user accounts can send it to them via Connect.

In the Connect section at the top right of the order, click Send Payment Link:

Now you can chose to Send Payment Link To the email address of the client who ordered the appraisal, or input a new Name and Email:

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