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Reports Now™: First American Search
Reports Now™: First American Search

With data that spans 100% of the nation, you can now import relative comparable information within your Reports!

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What is the First American Search tool?

The First American Search tool has been added to Reports Now™ with the intention of saving appraisers time, by providing access to a database of comparables. This tool can be found in the "CompVault".

***Note: You'll need access to Reports Now™ itself. Click the green button below to be directed to our guide on how to unlock Reports Now™, and to see a product tour in video format.

How do I use the First American Search tool?

To begin, click on the "Reports Now™" button found on the details page of your desired order.

If you haven't started the report already, Reports Now™ will prompt you to select a report type to begin your work. Once you have gained access to your report page, you'll want to click on the "Comps" tab from the tool bar indicated in the image below.

Next, you'll want to click on the "Vault" tab to access the page where the First American Search tool is located.

Now that you are on the vault page, you'll find the First American Search tool under the "Reports Now™ Search". Clicking on the First American Search Tool will prompt you to spend credits in order to import the information. To continue, click on "Pay Now".

***Note: 100 Anow Credits (non-refundable) are required to access First American Search on a per report basis.

After using credits to gain access to First American search, clicking on it will reveal a search bar and additional filter fields. In our example below, we typed in the main road where our subject address is located to reveal all of the sales comparables in that area.

***Note: If you need Rental Comparables, click on "Rental" to change your search parameters. The word "rental" will be highlighted in green to let you know that you have successfully selected that as your preference.

Once you have found the comparable(s) you wish to add the report, simply select them and then click on "ADD TO REPORT" to import them directly into your comps tab.

If you wish to view them in a list, on a interactive map, or in a split view, you can use the toolbar at the top of the page to do so. In this example below, we used the map view to see where the comparables are in relation to the subject property. Clicking on the blue circles will pop up a summary of the comparable.

***Note: If you are happy with the summary info, you can click "select" to add the comparable directly from the map view.

If you go back to your comps tab, you will now see your added comparable(s). In our example below, it automatically filled some fields with the information available on First American Search. It will automatically fill fields on your report's comparison page with the available info you see here.

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