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What is the Created By Date filter in Analytics used for?
What is the Created By Date filter in Analytics used for?
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With the Created By Date filter in Analytics, you are able to search for and generate a report of all orders that were created within a specific date range.

When you first access the Analytics page in Anow, you will see the Completed By Date as the default filter, and the timeframe will be automatically set to show the Last 3 Months. 

Adjust the During section as you find necessary (for this example we will change it to show the Last 6 Months of data), click on the Created filter, then hit Apply. 

Next, click the green Expand button (directly underneath the two big graphs), in order to see all of your appraisals that have a Created date that falls within the timeframe that you have chosen. 

Some of the filters that are available within the Created By Date section of Analytics include Paid, Unpaid, and Partial Payments. These filters make it even easier to organize your data in the way that makes the most sense to you and your workflow!

Finally, once you get all of the filters setup to your liking, you can click on the Generate Report icon to export the data into an Excel/CSV file, or have a Printable PDF download for you. 

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