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MercuryNow Error for Inspection Date Sync
MercuryNow Error for Inspection Date Sync

Having issues sending the inspection date from an Anow order into Mercury? Click here to learn the quick fix!

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Updated over a week ago

If you use the MercuryNow add-on and you start to experience some odd behaviour regarding the inspection date syncing, please see the re-set instructions below!

First, click your initials in the top right corner and select Subscriptions. Next, choose the Add-Ons tab from the side menu. 

Now select Manage under the MercuryNOW tile. Lastly, disconnect the Mercury credentials you have set up here in Anow, then reconnect those same credentials to refresh the sync for MercuryNOW.

Once you've disconnected and reconnected your Mercury credentials in Anow, the inspection date will be updated accordingly moving forward. 

Mercury is aware that this is occurring and they are working to resolve this issue. Our development team at Anow is trying to help Mercury get to the bottom of this. This is just a temporary solution. 

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