Edit a User Profile

Learn how you can edit a user in Anow, and what details you can enter for each user profile here.

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To access your Users table, click your initials in the top right corner, and then Users. From here you can click on any of the users to edit the details.

This is where all the basics are - name, email, user role (click here for info on what the different roles are), etc.

UWM Marketplace - Basic

This is where all the basics are - Marketplace Address, Appraisal Capacity, Phone Number, etc.

You'll be able to see this appraiser's scorecard here. This will show things like Turn around time, Revision rate and more. Note this is included with higher tiered subscriptions.

Here you can enter your appraisal license information. Required for to do orders for UWM.

Here you can enter any relevant Certificates or Error & Omission information, including policy numbers and expiration dates. Required for to do orders for UWM.

This is where each user can control their coverage area, by county. Select "View map" to see a map view of all the coverage area's you set.

Notes & Files
This is where you can upload any files or notes related to this user!

Fee Schedule

This is where Commissions, Flat Fees and Review % are set. When a user is assigned as the Appraiser on an order or to a specific fee line item, the Appraiser Commission % you’ve entered on the user profile will be automatically calculated under the Fees & Costs section. With regards to Reviewer %, when a user is assigned as the Reviewer on an order, their commission will be calculated based on this percentage and the appraisal report fee for the given appraisal.


This is where you can connect or remove your personal calendars from Anow. If you're having issues with it syncing, sometimes removing it and re-connecting can assist in those issues.

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