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What are Anow Credits and why do I need them?
What are Anow Credits and why do I need them?

Click here to see Credits are all about and how you can use them in Anow to access advanced tools!

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What are credits?

Credits are a type of currency in Anow used when running external automated Appraisal Reviews, using Client Hub notifications or using our report writing software, Reports Now. Each time a review is run, Reports Now is used or notifications are sent, credits are deducted from your balance.

Reports Now Report Precheck:

Check your Reports Now XML reports for their Overall Score and see any remaining issues prior to uploading the final version into Anow! This way you can make sure your reports are bulletproof.

The cost for each report you precheck is 200 Anow Credits.

Reports Now!

With Reports Now, appraisers can build better reports faster and from anywhere, with a collaborative appraisal form filler that lives in the Cloud. This isn't just another form filling software. Reports Now comes with an entire suite of tools and revolutionary features that are specifically designed for appraisers wanting to build better reports. Reports Now will cost 1500 Credits per report if you do not have a subscription. Click here for more info on Reports Now!

Why do I need credits?

Our integrated partners and advanced tools require payment each time they are used, so pre-paying credits ensures you’ll always be able to easily access the features you need.

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