Important information to make note of when using Client Hub:

  • Appraisal must be assigned to an appraiser.
  • Appointment Date must be set.
  • Contact(s) must be set with at least one of the following filled out: phone number or email address.
  • Please note that reminder notifications will only be delivered during the hours of 7am - 6pm.

To enable Client Hub notifications from the New Order form:

Enable appointment confirmation, automatic notifications (if the appointment time or assigned appraiser is changed), and reminders for each client type on the Create New Appraisal long form by checking off the box by each relevant contact. You can choose to hide these checkboxes in the field settings modal on this page.

Remember! You must set the appointment date and assigned appraiser from the New Order form as well.

To enable Client Hub notifications after the order has already been created:

First, set the appointment date and assign an appraiser. Next, make sure the client(s) you want to turn on notifications for have been selected by checking off the "Enable appointment confirmation via text and email" box by each relevant client. Then click the Client Hub button to trigger the notifications.

You can manually resend the notification anytime by clicking the button again.

When Client Hub notifications have been enabled:

  • A notification will be sent right away to the selected client, confirming the appointment time.
  • Update notifications will be sent automatically to the client if the appointment date/time is changed, or if the assigned appraiser is changed.
  • A reminder notification will be sent to clients 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment time. Please note that reminders will only be sent out between 7am and 6pm; we do not send automated reminders too early or too late in the day.

When the client gets a notification they will also get a link to the Client Hub appraisal details page where they can access:

  • Map preview of property location
  • Inspection appointment details
  • Who is performing the inspection (assigned appraiser and company logo)
  • Tips to help prepare a property for inspection

Continue reading to see previews of the notifications and appraisal details page that your clients will receive.

Custom Branding for Client Hub

Set up your logo, company name, phone number and reply-to email in Connect Settings. The relevant information will appear on notifications to clients and on the Client Hub landing page.

Please Note that custom branding is a paid feature. If you're interested in learning more about custom branding and upgrading your plan, click here!

Client Text Preview (including custom logo):

Client Email Preview:

Client Hub Appraisal Details Preview:

Reach out to our amazing support team if you have further questions about Client Hub or any other Anow features 😃

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