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Custom Appraiser Fees: User Page Updates
Custom Appraiser Fees: User Page Updates

You now have the ability to add fee schedules for each of your users in Anow!

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We've streamlined the appraisal creation process one step further with the new Fee Schedule tab and Report Type Fee table in the Users section. Watch Appraiser Fees automatically calculated based on the Report Type right before your eyes! 

When you click on a user from your main User list, you'll see a tab titled Fee Schedule

Let's break down this tab section by section. First we have the regular Appraiser Commission fields. Here you can choose whether you want this user to have their commission be a percentage or flat fee. Pick one and enter the commission amount for this user. 

Next is the Reviewer Commission area. The percentage or flat fee entered here will be applied when the user is assigned as a Reviewer on an appraisal in Anow. 

The Report Type Fee section is the newest addition, and the reason why we made this new Fee Schedules tab. It's really cool. 

Here's a simple breakdown: You enter the Appraiser Fee amount into the Fee column for any of the Report Types shown in your list. Next create an appraisal with this Report Type and assign the relevant user. Their Appraiser Fee will automatically be calculated! 

Here's some more in-depth details: 

  1. You'll see a table that lists of all the Report Types you've got in Anow. You can learn more about editing your Report Type lists here. Find the Report Type you're looking for, you can search using the search box. 

  2. Enter the Fee amount the appraiser will get when they're assigned to an order with this Report Type. 

  3. If you turn on the Greater Than feature, it will choose whichever is bigger: the amount entered into the regular Appraiser Commission field (we mentioned this earlier), or the value in the Report Type Fee table.

Please note that if you choose not to use the Report Type Fee table, the Appraiser Fees will be calculated based off of the regular Commission % or Flat Fee. 

Let's go through an example of how the Report Type Fee schedule works. 

I set my user Commission to 40%. 

I'm going to pick the 1004 as my Report Type for this example. The fee for this user when they're assigned to a 1004 is $150, so I'll enter that into the Fee column. I'm also going to turn on the Greater Than feature. This means, when I create an appraisal that's a 1004, it'll choose the greater fee between the $150 or 40% of the Report Fee that's entered. 

Now I'm going to go create a new appraisal. After adding the required information like the property address and Ordered By client, I'm going to choose the 1004 Report Type. 

Going down the new appraisal form a bit further, I'm going to assign the appraisal to the user that I added the Report Type Fee for, and add in the Report Fee amount. 

When the appraisal is created and I go to the details page, I can see that my Appraiser Fee has been calculated for me to $180. 

Because I turned on the Greater Than feature, it picked the 40% commission to be applied. 

  • $450 x 40% = $180          
    (This amount is greater than the $150!)

  • Report Type Fee amount entered = $150 

If you have any other questions about how this feature works or how to turn it on for your company, reach out to our support team any time 😀

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