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Side-by-side PDF and Checklist Viewer
Side-by-side PDF and Checklist Viewer

Simplify the review process by having all of the report details and your to-do/checklist in one place!

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Clicking on an order in the Review/QC dashboard will take you directly to the Review Details page where you'll see the PDF needing review and the Review Checklist side by side. The assigned Reviewer can begin working on the report from here anytime!

Each Review Checklist will show all of the items that need to be individually checked. You'll find this area towards the left of your screen.

  • Approve an item by clicking the check mark.

  • Add a Warning by clicking the exclamation (!) point.

  • To flag an item as Critical, you have to mark it as having a Warning first, then choose the "Mark As Critical" option.

The PDF report being reviewed will appear to the right of the screen.

Near the top right you'll see two buttons, Request Revisions and Approve Report.

When the Reviewer has no more items marked with Warnings or as Critical and everything is in an Approved status, they can click the Approve Report button to update the status back to the appraisal details page.

Please contact our support team via live chat if you're interested in trying this feature, or click here for more information on the QC Dashboard and Review Status tools!

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