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Additional QC/QA Statuses for Appraisals That Go Through Review
Additional QC/QA Statuses for Appraisals That Go Through Review

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We've added some advanced Review/QC Statuses in order to help you stay better organized and give you the ability to see progress on reviews at a glance.

Go to the details page for any order and you'll see a Review tab by the Workflow area. You can request a new review here and see the status of an existing review: Ready, In Review, Revisions, Revised, or Approved.

To put this order in a review status, select a Review Type, assign a Reviewer and upload the report file. A button will appear letting you go directly to the report from the appraisal details page.

When the review has been assigned, the status of this order will automatically update to show that it is In Review. The review status will also show up on the main appraisal dashboard.

Also on the main dashboard, you'll notice a third tab on the left side of the screen: Review/QC. This area is dedicated to all of the orders In Review for your company.

Access the Review/QC tab and you'll be able to easily keep track of every order that is currently in a Review status.

You can also look at the "Status" column to find out exactly where in the Review process that particular order is.

There are filters available on the Review/QC dashboard to help you find what you're looking for, fast.

Orders that require reviews and have not yet been started will show as being Ready for Review.

For the full details on the Review Status and QC Dashboard features click here, or contact our friendly support team via live chat!

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