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Advanced Appraiser Assignment: On Time %, Capacity, and More!
Advanced Appraiser Assignment: On Time %, Capacity, and More!

Curious about Advanced Appraiser Assignment on your orders in Anow? Click here to find out what it's all about!

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When you assign an appraiser to an order with the Advanced Assignment feature enabled, a window will appear with relevant details regarding each user listed. This makes it easier for you to make sure the best person for the job is assigned.

First, go to the details page for the order that you want to assign and click where it says Add Appraiser.

On the Advanced Assignment window that appears, the user information provided will include: License Type, Years Licensed, On Time %, Capacity, Location, and Distance.

If you have a long list of users you can search by name, email or license type to narrow down the results, fast. You can also easily filter the results by User Role or the user's proximity to the property location.

Note: Using the Preferred List filter will only show you the appraisers that are preferred by the client who ordered the appraisal.

When you find the user you want to assign, click Assign next to their name, and they will appear as the Primary Appraiser on this order.

Please note: If you already have a Primary Appraiser assigned, you can add a Secondary Appraiser by following the exact same process.

On Time %

If you're an Anow Accelerate user who has access to Appraiser Scorecards, you'll be able to see the On Time % for each appraiser on the Advanced Appraiser Assignment window. The data will be automatically calculated for you, so no need to worry about doing the math yourself!

User Capacity

User Capacity is set on the UWM Marketplace - Basic. Click on the Basic option button on the left hand side. Look to the top right and you'll see an option to edit basic information.

You will now see the field where you can add an order limit for this user.

User License

User License information can be found (and added) by going to the User Details page then clicking the License tab.

If there's already license information entered for the user you're looking at, you'll see it here. Click the ADD button at the top right to add a new or additional license. If a license is already listed, click the three dots in a column at the top right,

Now you can Edit or Remove it:

If you're interested in learning more about Accelerate and how to turn on the Advanced Assignment feature, contact our friendly support team anytime πŸ˜ƒ

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