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Anow Walkthrough Branding

Customize Anow Walkthrough by uploading your logo and important company details!

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What is Walkthrough Branding?

When you send a Walkthrough survey to a homeowner, they'll get an email or text (In Canada only) notifying them. This is a preview of what the email will look like and here, you can see I have my company logo uploaded:

For Canadians, this is what the text message notification looks like for the homeowner performing the Walkthrough, and because I have my company details set up (including phone number), my phone number shows as the contact at the bottom of the text.

When the survey is launched on a mobile device, it looks something like this. As you can see, my company logo is displayed right at the top of the page so the homeowner knows it's coming from me.

How do I set up Walkthrough Branding?

Branding for Walkthrough and Anow Connect are included in the Anow Accelerate package.

First, click your name from the top right corner and choose Anow Connect from the dropdown menu.

This will bring you to your Anow Connect Settings page. Scroll down a bit and you'll see the option to Personalize your portal with custom branding. Click Set Branding.

Here you'll see all of the fields that can be personalized for your company specifically: company name, phone number, reply to email, logo, white label, and brand color.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our friendly support team!

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