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New Report Type and Fee Schedule Updates
New Report Type and Fee Schedule Updates

Click here to learn more about the new updates we've made to Fee Schedules, Report Types, and Anow Connect ordering!

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Fee Schedule Updates

Start by selecting the Fee Schedule option from the dropdown menu.

This is the Company Report Fee Management page:

Every report type that is set up for your company will be listed here, and you can set a default report fee amount for each report type.

For this example I will set a $250 default report fee for my 1004 reports.

Now when I go to add a new appraisal with the 1004 report type selected, the amount I entered ($250) will appear as the recommended Fee Schedule Base Fee on this order.

Quick Add:

Detailed Form:

Report Type & Anow Connect Update

Go to your Anow Connect Settings page, then click Set Up Lists next to option 4.

The report types you see listed for Connect are now linked to the report types listed on your Company Settings page.

  • To hide any of the report types from the people who use your Connect order form and portal links, uncheck the green box by the report type.

  • To rearrange the order of the report types, drag and drop using the 3 dots near the checkbox.

  • Clicking the pencil icon will let you edit the way that report type is displayed to the audience.

If a client

  1. Places an online order through Anow Connect,

  2. That client has a client fee set up for the same report type being ordered

You will see that fee appear in the Review Anow Connect Order panel on the Pending page, and the client will see the fee appear on the ordering form.

For example, East Bank ordered a 1004 report from me through Anow Connect. East Bank is one of my clients that I have a fee schedule set up for; their fee is set to $500. The regular company fee for a 1004 is set to $250.

This is what the person ordering the report through Connect sees when there is a client fee set up for the same report type they're ordering. In this case, East Bank is ordering a 1004, so their fee of $500 will appear as the estimated price:

When they place the order and it appears in your Pending orders area of Anow, you'll see the base company fee for this report type ($250), as well as the client fee for this report type ($500). The client fee will be what appears in the Report Fee field, but you can edit this if need be.

If you're interested in learning more, we have lots of information available on Client Fee Schedules and Appraiser Fee Schedules!

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