Mercury ➡️ Anow

The following fields will be filled out in Anow when you send order details over from Mercury.

Address (including latitude and longitude)

Ordered By client

Addressed To client

Property Owner / Borrower

Contact for Access

Order Source

Due Date

Land Description

FHA/VA Case Number

Loan Number

Client Reference Number

Contract Value

Other Value

Assigned Appraiser




Report Type

Is it a Rush order?

Property Type

Appraisal Purpose (this is the Loan Purpose field in Mercury)

Please Note: The names listed above might not be the same as what they are called in Mercury; these are the names of the Anow fields.

Anow ➡️ Mercury

At this time, the only information that's sent from Anow to Mercury through MercuryNow is the Appointment Date.

Click here for the instructions on how to get started with the MercuryNow integration!

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