Total ➡️ Anow

  • Property Address (this includes Land Description, Latitude and Longitude)
  • Assigned Appraiser
  • File Number
  • Client Reference Number
  • Started Date
  • Created On Date
  • Appointment Date
  • Due Date
  • Completed On Date
  • Ordered By contact information
  • Addressed To contact information
  • Contact for Access
  • Property Owner/Borrower
  • Report Type
  • Loan Number
  • Appraised Value
  • Contract Value
  • Report Fee
  • Notes

Click here for the full details on how to send order information from Total to Anow.

Anow ➡️ Total

The fields that are filled in the following screenshot are what will appear when you sync from Anow to Total.

  • Assigned Appraiser
  • Order Date
  • Job Type (Report Type)
  • Due Date
  • Property Address
  • Internal Order Number
  • Lender Case Number
  • Client File Number
  • FHA/VA Case Number
  • Main File Number on Form
  • Invoice Number
  • Bill To (Ordered By)
  • Ship To (Addressed To)
  • Property Owner/Borrower
  • Report Fee

Please Note: The names listed above might not be the same as what they are called in Total; these are the names of the Anow fields.

Click here for the instructions on sending information from Anow to Total with the TotalNow integration.

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