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What appraisal details are included in the TotalNow integration?
What appraisal details are included in the TotalNow integration?

Learn more about all of the fields that are included in the Total - Anow (TotalNow) sync!

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Total ➡️ Anow

  • Property Address (this includes Land Description, Latitude and Longitude)

  • Assigned Appraiser

  • File Number

  • Client Reference Number

  • Started Date

  • Created On Date

  • Appointment Date

  • Due Date

  • Completed On Date

  • Ordered By contact information

  • Addressed To contact information

  • Contact for Access

  • Property Owner/Borrower

  • Report Type

  • Loan Number

  • Appraised Value

  • Contract Value

  • Report Fee

  • Notes

Click here for the full details on how to send order information from Total to Anow.

Anow ➡️ Total

The fields that are filled in the following screenshot are what will appear when you sync from Anow to Total.

  • Assigned Appraiser

  • Order Date

  • Job Type (Report Type)

  • Due Date

  • Property Address

  • Internal Order Number

  • Lender Case Number

  • Client File Number

  • FHA/VA Case Number

  • Main File Number on Form

  • Invoice Number

  • Bill To (Ordered By)

  • Ship To (Addressed To)

  • Property Owner/Borrower

  • Report Fee

Please Note: The names listed above might not be the same as what they are called in Total; these are the names of the Anow fields.

Click here for the instructions on sending information from Anow to Total with the TotalNow integration.

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