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Automated Fee Schedule: County Fees
Automated Fee Schedule: County Fees

Manage county fees per report type on a company level, and you can also do it for your clients. Learn more about these geographic fees here!

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This feature allows you to set up geographic overrides on your report fees. You can manage county fees per report type on a company level. You can also manage county fees per report type for your clients.

County Fees - Company Level

Begin by selecting the Fee Schedule option from the dropdown menu.

This is the Company Report Fee Management page. Every report type that is set up for your company will be listed here, and you can set a default report fee amount for each report type.

Click on the report type you want to set up a County Fee override for and a panel will appear to the right of your screen. For this example, I clicked on the 1004 that has a fee schedule of $500 already set.

When this panel appears (see screenshot below), pick the county you want from the dropdown menu, then enter the report fee amount. For this example I'm setting my county to Harris County, and the report fee is $375.

Please Note: Clicking "Manage" will open a new tab where you can adjust the counties available in the dropdown menu. You can also manage counties by going directly to your company Anow Connect settings.

Click add once you've entered the relevant information.

You can update the fee amount anytime by clicking the arrows, or delete the entire county fee by clicking the X.

Now when I go to add a new appraisal that has a 1004 report type and Harris County as the county, the report fee will show up as $375, overriding the original $500 fee schedule set up for the 1004.

Please Note: This feature works with the Long Form for creating a new appraisal, Quick Add, and Pending orders.

This screenshot shows I have the county set to Harris County, and 1004 has been selected as the report type:

You can see here that because I've set the county and report type accordingly, the report fee shows up as $375, which is the amount we set for our County Fee:

Click here to learn more about Company Fee Schedules.

County Fees - Per Client

Go to the Clients page and select the client you want to add a County Fee for. A panel will open with the client details. Click the Fees tab. Existing Client Fee Schedules will appear here. Click the plus sign (+) next to the report type you want to set a county fee for.

Clicking on the plus sign will reveal a form where county fees can be added for this specific client. For this example I've set this client to have a fee of $425 when Harris County and 1004 report type are selected.

Once the fee has been added, it will appear listed below the form for adding a new fee. You can edit the fee amount any time or delete it entirely by clicking the X.

The Client County Fee feature behaves similarly to Company County Fee, so going forward if you create a new appraisal with the relevant county, report type, and client fee, the client county fee amount ($425 in this example) will appear as the report fee by default.

Click here to learn more about Client Fee Schedules.

The priority of fees from highest to lowest is: Client County Fee > Client Fee > Company County Fee > Company Fee. The fee with the highest priority will appear by default on new orders with the relevant details.

Anow Connect will also show you and the client the highest priority fee. If a client:

  1. Places an online order through Anow Connect,

  2. That client has a county fee set up for the same report type and county being ordered

You will see the client county fee appear in the Review Anow Connect Order panel on the Pending page, and the client will see the fee appear on the ordering form.

This feature is included in the Anow Accelerate plan. Click here for more information!

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