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Merging appraisals from Anow into TOTAL (TotalNow)
Merging appraisals from Anow into TOTAL (TotalNow)

Click here to find out how you can merge data from Anow orders into existing Total reports!

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Before you begin please note: When using the Merge option, you must do this from within Total. In other words, merging information into an existing report does not work from the Data Import screen.

1) Go to the order details page in Anow for the appraisal that you want to merge into a Total report. Click Export To > Total. A new TDCX file will download to your computer.

2) Open the TDCX file that was just exported from Anow and the Data Import screen will appear (see screenshot below for reference). Select the Create new report option, then Import.

3) Once this file has been imported into Total, save and close the imported report in Total. It's very important that you save this import with "Temp" or "Temporary" attached to the file name. This will be useful for the upcoming steps.

4) Now open the main report in Total that you want to merge with Anow order information. Select the Forms dropdown menu then click Merge from Existing Report.

5) Once you are in the SmartMerge panel (see screenshot below for reference), select the "Temp" report file and click Merge.

6) Once the merge button is clicked, your data should be brought into the main report as expected.

Please Note: You can delete the "Temporary" report that was created in step 3. This will not impact any of the information in the main report.

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