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Add and Save Payment Information in Anow Connect
Add and Save Payment Information in Anow Connect

Easily collect payments from Connected clients with this new feature. Click here to read more!

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When someone places an order through Anow Connect, they can now choose to add and save credit or debit card information to streamline the ordering process even further.

Please Note: Only those who have registered for a free Client Account will be able to save their payment information. Guests can not save their payment information.

Client Details Setting

If you want your customers to be able to save their payment information in Anow Connect, please go to the Clients page and click the client you want from the list. On the client details panel, scroll down to the Anow Connect header and check off the box, then save.

How to save card information on Anow Connect orders

On the final page of the Connect online ordering form there is a button that allows payment information to be entered and saved.

A window will appear asking that the card number, expiry date, and CVC be added. The name of the credit card can be added as well, but this is optional.

To enter credit card details for this particular order only and not save the details for future use, check off the "Do not remember credit card" box. The green button will update from saying "Save card" to "Use card."

When a card has been added but not saved, a message will appear saying that the card information has been entered for a one-time use. In other words, it has not been saved for future orders.

When a card has been entered and saved, it will appear like this:

The card information saved will appear on any future order forms for this client.

Add another card by clicking + Add a new credit card.

Card numbers can be deleted anytime. The checkbox next to the card number must be unchecked in order to delete the information.

If you're interested in reading the full instructions on how to place an online order through Anow Connect, click here!

Where does the client card information appear in the Anow order?

After accepting the online order and going to the appraisal details page, you'll see a new Collect Payments section located below the Connect section (right above Fees & Costs). This will display the last 4 digits of the credit card that was submitted, and you can easily collect payments.

Click the button to collect the payments.

You'll get a notification letting you know that the payment was collected successfully. If there's an issue processing the payment, you'll get an error message.

Feel free to contact our friendly support team if you have any other questions!

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