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How to add new Comps in Reports Now™
How to add new Comps in Reports Now™

Easily add, edit and manage your Comparables with Anow's form filler.

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When in Reports Now, select the Comps tab from the left side of the screen. From here you can add any comps you want for this property.

When you click "Add Comparable" a window will appear prompting you to enter the property address, then click "Save" to add the comp.

Anow Pro Tip: If you see a match appear after entering in the address for a new comp (but before you click save), you can apply existing sale information to reduce data entry and save time. Click here to learn more about CompVault.

Your new comp will now appear in the list next to the Subject Property information, and it will show on the mini map in relation to the subject.

Edit existing comps anytime:

  • Upload or drag & drop a photo for each comp.

  • Add sale price, data source, concessions, date of sale, quality of construction, gross living area, energy efficient items, and more. There are over 25 unique fields you can fill out for every comp!

  • Change the property address by clicking the grey "Edit" button.

  • Save these comp details to your CompVault.

You will see all of the comp details entered on the "Comps Photos" pages of your report as well.

Please Note: You can remove or change the comp photo anytime.

Please Note: You can use the toolbar at the top of the Comps page to select whether your comparables are Sales or Rental types. Please select the appropriate type prior to adding your comps as the data from a sales comp cannot be synced to a rental comp and vice versa.

Please click here if you're interested in learning more about Reports Now™, or contact our friendly support team!

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