Data in any of the following fields stored in Anow will be sent to ACI when using the ACI integration.

Anow Field → ACI Field

General Information:

File Number → Order ID
Loan Number (The same in ACI and Anow)

Assigned Appraiser → Broker

Order Date → Date Created

Due Date (The same in ACI and Anow)

Rush → Job Rush

Property Address:

Address Line 1 → Street

Address Line 2 → Street 2

City (The same in ACI and Anow)

State (The same in ACI and Anow)

Zip Code (The same in ACI and Anow)

Contact Details:

Property Owner Name → Borrower

Property Owner Phone → Borrower Phone

Ordered By Name → Client

Ordered By Phone → Client Phone

Ordered By State → Client State

Ordered By Address → Client Street

Ordered By Address 2 → Client Street 2

Ordered By Zip Code → Client Zip Code

Contact for Access Name → Property Contact Name

Contact for Access Phone → Property Contact Phone

Contact Instructions → Special Instructions

Contact Instructions → Order Instructions

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