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Want to assign or re-assign the Primary Appraiser on an order right from your Main Anow Dashboard? Find out how πŸ‘€

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The Quick Assign tool allows you to assign someone to the Primary Appraiser role on any appraisal in Anow in under 10 seconds, directly from your main order list (Dashboard) πŸŽ‰

Select the Quick View button for the appraisal you want to add an assignee for. Please note that you can choose an order that is unassigned, or one that already has a primary assignee set.

When the Quick View Panel appears you will notice that the "Assignees" line is now editable (blue dotted lines indicate a field that can be edited).

If the order is currently unassigned, it will say "Click to Set" instead of showing an appraiser name.

Simply select the editable assignee name or "Click to Set" to reveal a list of eligible assignees for this job.

Choose the Primary Assignee that you want to set, and the field will automatically update on the Main Dashboard and Order Details page for that appraisal. It's as easy as that! πŸ˜„

Click the button below for instructions on our other order assignment tools:

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