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Generate a report of all "Overdue" appraisals in Anow
Generate a report of all "Overdue" appraisals in Anow

Use custom insights to build a report where you can easily see every order that's currently overdue in your Anow account.

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Begin by going to the Insights section of Anow:

On the Insights page select "Custom Reports" then the green "Generate New Report" button:

Now you can start building your custom report.

Pick the type of report you want. In this case, select the Detailed option. You will also want to choose how the data in your report is presented. For this example we will choose to sort by the property address, and to group by none.

Next, pick the data you want to include in your report. This is totally up to you based on what information you want to see. The only required fields for a report of your overdue orders are:

  • Order > Address

  • Order > Due Date

  • Order > Status

Last but not least, set your filters. This is the KEY to generating an accurate report of your overdue appraisals in Anow.

  • Due Date filter should be set to is before today's date. This will show only orders with a Due Date prior to the current day, in other words, overdue orders.

  • Add 3 separate filters for the Status:

    • One so that the status doesn't contain "complete"

    • One so that the status doesn't contain "on hold"

    • One so that the status doesn't contain "cancelled"

      This will only show orders that are in a status of In Progress or Review.

You can now generate your report and see a list of all appraisals in an Overdue status (not including Cancelled, On Hold, or Completed orders).

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