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Overview of your Anow Direct Profile
Overview of your Anow Direct Profile

Edit your profile details, see which companies you're connected to, access payout details, and more!

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This is the main view for your Anow Direct profile details!

Here you will find:

  • My Profile - Click "View My Profile" to go to the onboarding wizard where you can easily enter the required information for your profile, such as license information, coverage area, E&O details, and more.

  • Panel - List of panels (lenders/AMCs) that your company is eligible to connect with, and connection status.

  • Payouts - See the status of your Stripe Account and whether it's connected. Once you've gotten paid for an order through Stripe, you will see a "Payout History" button.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Anow Direct, and a link to the Anow support knowledge base.

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