Analytics stats are based off the completed date, so unfortunately there is no way to run a report based off the paid date. However, you can sort certain reports by the paid date. You can do this by going to the All section in the completed appraisals section of Analytics (see screenshot below).

Underneath the graphs, there is a section below which lists all the appraisals. You can expand this by clicking on the green Expand button.

This will expand your list of completed appraisals. From there, you can click on the words "Paid Date" in the darker grey filter along the top of the list that appears (see screenshot below).

By clicking this, it will sort the paid date by ascending or descending dates. You can then generate the report and delete and lines out of the Excel spreadsheet that are not relevant to the data you are search for. Generate a report by clicking on the Generate Report button, then selecting "Export to CSV/Excel." You can also export to PDF or copy the rows.

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