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Record and Report Expenses
Record and Report Expenses

Learn how to record and run reports on Expenses in Anow.

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Please note that Expenses are available exclusively for Anow Grow and Accelerate plan subscribers!

With an upgraded subscription plan you will have a new Expenses section at the bottom of Fees & Costs in the details of an order:

Click Add Expense and input the Description and Rate. Click Save:

If you pay your appraisers by a percentage of the Report Fee, you can choose to calculate their fee net of the Expense. For instance, this Report Fee is $650. My appraiser is paid 50%. If I do nothing, their fee is $325:

I can click the dropdown list in Subtract Expense? and select the Expense that I just created and click Save:

The system now calculates the Appraisers Fee on the gross Report Fee of $650 minus the Expense of $30, which equals $620. The Appraisers Fee is now 50% of $620 = $310:

Canned Fees

If you're always having to add a certain type of fee to appraisals in Anow (a tech fee or driving fee, for example) and you don't want to have to manually set up the fee each time, Canned Fees are a great way to speed up the process! Click here to learn more!


Now that you have Expenses you can run Custom Reports on their details! Click here to learn more!

If you're interested in learning more about Anow Grow, click here to see our pricing page or click here to sign up for a free trial!

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