Setting up Automated Scheduled Reports

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If you're tired of searching for company data and want to have your custom reports automatically run on a daily, monthly or weekly basis, Automated Scheduled Reports is the feature for you!

When creating a Custom Report in Anow, you'll notice at the bottom of the page there's an option to schedule email reports.

  • Click Add a time, or Add another time if you've already got something scheduled

  • Select the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly)

  • Pick the day and time

  • Make sure you select the users you want it to go to

  • Save Changes

For this example I scheduled it to be sent every Wednesday at 9am to John Jacobsen:

Now, when I "Save" this report, it will automatically be delivered to John at 9am on Wednesday every week going forward.

For more information on Custom Reports and how to get started, click here!

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