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PDF XML Extractor: What is it?
PDF XML Extractor: What is it?

Let us do the work for you - Simply upload an XML file for review and magically a Mismo Report PDF will appear.

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First you'll want to find the appraisal you're requesting a review of, go to the details page and click the Review tab by the Workflow area.

After you add a Review Type and assign the Reviewer, you'll need to upload a file for review. This is where the PDF XML Extractor comes in. You can upload an XML file that has a PDF embedded in it, and we'll do the heavy lifting for you of creating a Mismo report.pdf. This will automatically appear in the Files area after you upload an XML and will provide you with a readable PDF of the appraisal.

The assigned reviewer can go to the PDF/Checklist Viewer by clicking Open Review or by going to the Review/QC Dashboard and finding the order there.

This is the side-by-side PDF/Checklist Viewer with the Checklist being on the left and the PDF being on the right. This is where the reviewer can begin working on the report anytime.

For further details on the Review Status and QC Dashboard features in Anow, click here! You can also reach out to our support team via live chat anytime.

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