Additional Appraisal Dashboard Columns

See the Borrower, Property Owner, Fees, Inspection Type and Value Approach details from your main appraisal list.

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Go to My Preferences and select the Order Dashboard tab. There are 5 new columns that can now be added to your Dashboard. Listed under the "Hidden" section you'll see:

  • Property Owner

  • Borrower

  • Fees

  • Inspection Type

  • Value Approach

Creating custom dropdown lists for Inspection Type and Value Approach fields is easy. Click here to get step-by-step instructions!

Click the plus (+) sign next to any of these new fields that you want to see on your main dashboard. When you're ready click Save Settings at the bottom right.

For this example, I will add all of the new fields (Value Approach, Inspection Type, Property Owner, Borrower, and Fees) as active fields.

Now when I go to the Appraisal Dashboard view, I will see the 5 fields I just added:

Click here to learn more about customizing your Anow Appraisal Dashboard πŸ“–

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