Go to My Preferences and select the My Dashboard tab. There are 5 new columns that can now be added to your Dashboard. Listed under the "Hidden" section you'll see:

  • Property Owner

  • Borrower

  • Fees

  • Inspection Type

  • Value Approach

Creating custom dropdown lists for Inspection Type and Value Approach fields is easy. Click here to get step-by-step instructions!

Click the plus (+) sign next to any of these new fields that you want to see on your main dashboard.

Any changes you make to the Active and Hidden Fields areas will automatically save.

For this example, I will add all of the new fields (Value Approach, Inspection Type, Property Owner, Borrower, and Fees) as active fields.

Now when I go to the Appraisal Dashboard view, I will see the 5 fields I just added:

Please Note: If you have a lot of active fields for your dashboard, you might need to make your browser window bigger, or zoom out so you can see more of the columns.

Click here to learn more about customizing your Anow Appraisal Dashboard 📖

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