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Value Approach & Inspection Type Custom Dropdown Lists

Find out how you can create your own custom lists for two new fields.

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We added two new fields to the details list for every order stored in Anow: Inspection Types and Value Approach. These fields are set up as custom drop down lists, similar to Report Type and Loan Type.

To set up your custom lists:

Visit your Account > Company Settings and scroll down until you see the Inspection Types and Value Approach areas.

Enter the options you want to appear in the dropdown list for each field.

You can delete Inspection Types and Value Approach responses by hovering and selecting the trash icon. These lists can also be edited anytime.

Example: I added "Chimney Inspection" and "Pre-Listing Inspection" as my Inspection Types, and "Cost Approach" and "Income Approach" for the Value field.

Anow Pro Tip: The custom values you enter for these 2 new lists will be reflected in your Anow Connect Fee Schedule. Click here to learn more details ๐Ÿ“–

Appraisal Details Page View

When you have at least one option set up for Inspection Types and Value Approach, you can go to the details list for any order in Anow, and set the values for both fields.

Example: When I select "Click to Set" next to the new fields on the order details page, I can pick from the custom values I added previously ("Chimney Inspection" and "Pre-Listing Inspection," and "Cost Approach" and "Income Approach").

Order Dashboard View

These new fields are visible from the main list of appraisals you have stored in Anow, so you can check the Inspection Type and Value Approach details per order, at a glance. You can even search for Inspection Type and Value Approach responses from your Order Dashboard.

Example: I searched "Pre-Listing" and the order I just set the Inspection Type on came up as a result.

Please note that you have to add these new columns to your dashboard view by managing "My Dashboard" in the Preferences section of your account. Click here to see the full instructions.

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