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Anow Connect Fee Schedule: Inspection Types & Value Approach
Anow Connect Fee Schedule: Inspection Types & Value Approach

Calculate Anow Connect fees more accurately by setting Fee Adjustments as needed.

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Step 1:

Before you begin using the Connect Fee Schedule, you must have values entered into the custom dropdown lists (Account > Company Settings) for Inspection Types and Value Approach.

Get all the details on Value Approach & Inspection Type Custom Dropdown Lists โžก๏ธ

Step 2:

Visit your Anow Connect Settings page and select the setup button by Connect Fee Schedule to edit these settings.

Here you will see the items that you previously entered in the custom dropdown lists for Inspection Types and Value Approach in Step 1.

For example, I have the following options set up in my Company Settings (This is Step 1):

And I have those exact same options appear on my Connect Fee Schedule page (This is Step 2):

Step 3:

Enter report fee adjustment amounts for any of the types shown. These can be positive or negative dollar amounts.

Please note: Connect Fee Schedule settings automatically save and are reflected on your online order form right away.

Step 4:

Fees will calculate with the fee adjustment amounts being taken into consideration for all new online Connect orders going forward.

For example, the base fee amount for a 1004 Single Family + 1004MC in my company is $1000.

With the new Connect adjustments I just made in Step 3, the report price will change. This order is a Full Inspection (+ $500) using the Income Approach (+ $120). The adjusted Connect fee price is $1,620.

  • $1,000 (1004 Single Family Report Type fee) + $500 (Full Inspection adjustment) + $120 (Income Approach adjustment) = $1,620 ๐Ÿ’ธ

Click here to read the full instructions on setting up your base Fee Schedule (Report Types) in Anow ๐Ÿ’ฒ

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