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Client Hub Settings ⚙️
Client Hub Settings ⚙️

Fine tune the information we send to your clients so it suits the way you run your business.

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Set a default window or duration for your appointments in Anow. These durations will appear on Client Hub notifications and in your Anow Calendars (Mobile app and synced calendars).

To begin, go to your Account section in Anow and choose the Client Hub tab.

Add a default Appointment Window Duration

The first option on the Client Hub settings page is to choose your default duration for appointments in Anow.

Please Note: Client Hub Appointment Window Duration defaults apply only to new orders with the appointment date/time being set directly on the new appraisal form.

For example, I set my Default Appointment Window Duration to 2 hours. Next, I click the "+ New" button to start creating a new appraisal. This order is at 200 Fell Street, and the appointment is set for December 21st at 8:00 AM directly from the new appraisal form.

Now when I go to the details page for this order, I will see a "2 hours" badge next to the appointment date.

The appropriate appointment window will also appear in your Anow Calendar:

How do you want the appointment to appear on Client Hub notifications?

Choose whether you want to show a window of time (Example: "Your appraisal inspection is scheduled between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM"), or the starting appointment time (Example: "Your appraisal inspection is scheduled for 8:00 AM").

Do you want to include Inspection Preparation Tips for your clients?

There is a list of useful tips we send along to your customers to help them prepare for the inspection.

If you want to stop these tips from appearing on notifications going forward, uncheck this box 👇 on the Client Hub settings page.

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