Appointment Window Duration

Instead of having one set time for your appointments to begin, set a window of time for each order's inspection.

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On every order in Anow, you can now set a window or duration for appointment times.

Click here to find out how to set default appointment durations ⏲️

Go to the order details page for any appraisal and "Click to set" the appointment details.

Set the appointment date and time as normal, and click the dropdown arrow to select the window for this appointment. From the appointment area you can now also choose if you want to send Client Hub notifications (text and email) to any existing clients already entered on the current order.

For this example I have set the window to 2 hours starting at 8:00 AM on December 21st, and selected "Lana Smith" to receive notifications about this appointment.

The appointment duration will appear on Client Hub notifications, the client Appraisal Details View, and on your Anow Calendars.

Client Hub Email Notification:

Client Hub Appraisal Details View:

Your Anow Calendar:

Learn about all Client Hub settings:

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