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Auto-Assign Workflow Tasks To Assignment Roles
Auto-Assign Workflow Tasks To Assignment Roles

For Accelerate & Grow users, set custom workflow tasks to automatically assign to a specific Assignment Role!

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This feature is available exclusively for Anow Grow and Accelerate plan subscribers. Click here to visit our pricing page with more plan details ➡️

Go to your Company Settings and scroll down to the Custom Workflows area. Look to the right under the task settings and you'll notice a dropdown that says Auto-Assign To.

For each task in a workflow, you can choose to automatically assign it to a particular Assignment Role. For this example I will auto-assign the "Report Uploaded" task to the "Review Lead".

Anow Pro Tip: Users subscribed to Anow Accelerate will be able to assign Custom Roles to workflow tasks. Click here to learn more.

I also auto-assigned the task "Set File to Complete" to the "Trainee" Assignment Role:

Click "Save Changes" to update the Workflow Task settings.

Now when I go to an order where I have an assigned Trainee and Review Lead, and the Workflow is set to the one we just edited, the tasks will be assigned to the proper users.

  • "Report Uploaded" task is assigned to the Review Lead, Johnny Smith.

  • "Set File to Complete" task is assigned to the Trainee, Martin Jones

  • All other tasks that don't have an auto-assignment set up will go to the Primary Appraiser on the order, Brenda Black.

A few important things to note:

  • The Primary appraiser on an order will be assigned to all tasks without an Assignment Role set.

  • If you re-assign users or remove assigned users, the Workflow area on the details page will update accordingly with the correct task assignees.

Click the button below to see the full instructions for creating a custom Workflow:

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