Stop spending valuable time searching for the tools you need to build your reports ✋

Use the Nexus Companion panel to efficiently fill form fields, check UAD requirements, and more — All from one place 👍

Please note that the Nexus Companion is currently available on the Title Page, Letter of Transmittal, Addendums, and the Report itself.

When you open Nexus you'll see the Companion panel on the right of the screen.

Select a field on one of the relevant pages to get started and see the available options for each field. For this example I will use the "Assessor's Parcel #" field.

Features included in the Companion panel are:

  • UAD Assistant - Reduce errors and omissions as you work through each field. Available on UAD forms.
    Want to see a list of all forms available in Nexus? Click here ➡️

  • Picklists - Apply common, recently used, or custom Picklist items in seconds. You can also add new Picklist items here.

  • Data Source - See responses for the selected field available from different data sources such as Public Records Import, the Mobile Inspection App, and Anow Office order details.

  • Field History - If the field has been changed, you will see the history of all previous responses. These responses can easily be re-applied with one click. You will get a message if there isn't a history for this field yet.

As you navigate through form fields and different pages of the report, the Nexus Companion will stay open and consistent. For example: If I have the "Owner of Public Record" field selected and the UAD tool open in the Companion panel, then I select the "Tax Year" field, the UAD Assistant will stay open on the Companion panel until I choose a different feature (such as Picklist).

Anow Pro Tip: Use the arrow to close and open the Nexus Companion panel.

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