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What is the Reports Now™ Companion panel?
What is the Reports Now™ Companion panel?

User-friendly access to features that let you build your reports faster (UAD Assistant, Picklists, Data Source, and Field History).

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Stop spending valuable time searching for the tools you need to build your reports ✋

Use the Reports Now™ Companion panel to efficiently fill form fields, check UAD requirements, and more — All from one place 👍

When you open Reports Now™ you'll see the Companion panel at the bottom right of the screen.

Click on the circle to expand the menu.

If you click on Validation a window will let you know that you need to click on a field in the form to see how validation will work.

Select a field on one of the relevant pages to get started and see the available options for each field. I used the field Property Address for this example.

Features included in the Companion panel are:

  • UAD Assistant - Reduce errors and omissions as you work through each field. Available on UAD forms. I clicked on the field Property Address and UAD Assistant:

  • Picklists - Apply common, recently used, or custom Picklist items in seconds. You can also add new Picklist items here.

  • Data Source - See responses for the selected field available from different data sources such as Public Records Import and Anow Office order details.

  • Field History - If the field has been changed, you will see the history of all previous responses. These responses can easily be re-applied with one click. You will get a message if there isn't a history for this field yet.

For everything you need to know about Reports Now™, click the button below:

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