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Can I upload files, photos and final reports into Anow?
Can I upload files, photos and final reports into Anow?

Upload all the relevant attachments for your appraisal through the Order Details page or the Quick View panel.

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Easily upload attachments to your workfiles in Anow in seconds and stay organized going forward!

Uploading Images and Files

In Anow you have the ability to upload images and other files to orders by clicking on any appraisal from the main list, then scrolling down on the details page to the Attached Files section.

Next, you have the option to either drag & drop an attachment, or click Browse to search for the right file.

If you want to attach a file that only administrative staff can see, check off the box before uploading.

Upload as many different files and photos as you need and they will each show up on the details page. You can also delete files by clicking the trash icon, add labels to files, and copy each individual download link.

Files and photos can also be uploaded using the Quick View panel directly from the main dashboard. Upload or drag & drop files using the same process we just discussed for the order details page.

Click here for all of the details on the Quick View feature!

The Activity Feed will track when files have been uploaded and deleted:

Uploading the Final Report

On the Appraisal Details page in the Attached Files section, you'll see a blue button that says Upload Final Report. Click here to upload.

This is a screenshot of what you see when you upload the final report. You can upload multiple versions of the final report, and each will have the appropriate badge; see the purple icon that says Report: V1 in the image below. You can delete uploads, copy the file download link, or add a label.

Final reports can also be uploaded through the Quick View panel on the main dashboard.

The Activity Feed will update to show when the final report has been uploaded.

For final report uploads, you'll also get a Global Update notification.

Anow Pro Tip:

There is an option to turn on a company rule that will automatically mark the appraisal as being in a Complete status as soon as you upload the final report. Click here to learn more!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact our friendly support staff πŸ˜€ Or if you want to learn how you can download all the files attached to an order in one click, read here!

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