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Add and Track Client Technology Fees
Add and Track Client Technology Fees

With the new Expenses section, you can add, edit and manage tech fees for each Client you have stored in Anow. Click here to learn more!

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Client Technology Fee

To begin, go to the Clients section and click on any client that you want to add a technology fee for. When the client details panel opens, select the Expenses tab.

If your client charges you a technology fee, include it here. This expense will be applied to all newly created orders associated with this client. Simply enter the technology fee amount and click save.

Expenses - Company Settings Toggle

Towards the bottom of the Account > Company Settings page you will see a new toggle under the "Expenses" header. This toggle will be turned on by default when you have the Expenses and Client Tech Fee features, but can be turned off at any time as well.

When this toggle is on, the amount owed to the appraiser for their commission will be based off of the net fee (gross fee - client tech fee), if the commission is a percentage (%).

Please note, if the appraiser fee is a flat rate the regular commission calculation will be used, not taking expenses into consideration. Click here for more information on user commission fees.

When you:

  1. Have the net fee toggle turned on,

  2. You have a technology fee set up for the Ordered By client,

  3. And the appraiser assigned to the fee has a commission %

You'll notice on the details page (under the Fees & Costs section) that there's a new line in the fee details: Subtract Expense. This is letting you know the expense is being removed from the gross report fee before calculating the appraiser's commission.

In this example I have the net fee toggle on, client tech fee is set and my assigned appraiser has a commission of 25%. My Appraisal Report Fee is $500, but because the net fee toggle is on, the system will automatically subtract the Tech Fee amount ($16 in this case) from the Appraisal Report Fee, before it calculates the appraiser commission. Let's break this down into numbers:

$500 (Report Fee) - $16 (Tech Fee) = $484 (Net Fee)

$487 (Net Fee) x 0.25 (Commission %) = $121.00 (Appraiser Fee)

There will be a new line under the Expenses section of Fees & Costs titled "Tech Fee," and it will show the description and rate for the expense. In this case, Tech Fee is the description and $16 is the rate.

You can add as many expenses as you'd like and remove expenses any time, but please note that expenses only impact the appraiser commission amount, not the overall Invoice amount.
When you have multiple expenses, you can pick which expense is taken off of the net fee calculation. In this screenshot you can see that I have two expenses on this order: Tech Fee for $16 and Processing Fee for $20. By clicking on the arrow next to the "Subtract Expense" line, I can pick which fee I want to use.

Analytics & Custom Reports - Expense Updates

The Insights and Analytics (Payroll) sections of your account will now include expenses in commission calculations, where applicable.

Let's begin by going to the Insights section and generating an Insights Earnings Report. Once you've picked the date ranges and selected Created or Completed date, click Download Net Earnings Report.

There will be a column on your report titled AppraiserFee. This is where you'll see the appraiser commission amount, including any commissions where expenses were included in the calculation. You can see in this screenshot that the $121.00 appraiser fee from the example earlier is showing on my report:

When creating a custom report and selecting the data columns you want in your report, there's now an option called Expenses. This will show you the description or rate of all expenses on the report.

Once you've finished setting up your custom report and you've got a copy of it on your computer, if you've included the "Expenses" data option, you'll see the relevant column in your report. This will show you the total amount of expenses on that order.

If you include the "Appraiser Fee" column in your custom report, the appraiser fee will be calculated with expenses, where applicable.

Similarly, if you include the "Net Fee" column in your custom report, the net fee will include expenses in the calculations, where applicable.

Net Fee = Report Fee - Appraiser Fee

For example, the report fee for 430 Hope St is $500. The appraiser fee is $121.00.
​$500 - $121.00 = $379.00

For more information on Advanced Insights, click here! Or click here if you're interested in learning more about the Custom Reporting feature.

In the Analytics > Payroll section, expenses will be included in commission calculations where applicable. It's also important to be aware that the net fee will appear in Analytics > Payroll, not the gross fee.

This screenshot shows the $121.00 appraiser fee (this has expenses included in the calculation), and the total fee amount is showing $484, which is the net fee ($500 Report Fee - $16 Tech Fee Expense).

Appraiser Fee Schedules & Expenses

It's very important to note that fee schedules will not be affected by tech fees or other expenses. Because fee schedules are flat fees they will not include expenses.

For example, I have an appraiser fee of $75 set up for 1004 Report Types. Even though I also have a tech fee of $15 listed under the Expenses area of the Fees & Costs, the appraiser fee schedule I set of $75 will still apply as normal.

For all of the details on Appraiser Commission and Fee Schedules, click here.

New Appraisal Form - Tech Fee Field

When creating a new appraisal ordered by a client that has a Tech Fee set, this fee amount will automatically appear on the new appraisal form under the "Report Fee" field.

Here's an example:

I've already set up my contact, Lana Smith, to have a $16 Tech Fee. Now when I go to create a new appraisal where Lana Smith is the Ordered By client, the Tech Fee field will automatically fill out with the relevant fee amount ($16 in this case).

Tech Fees are a included in the Anow Accelerate plan, so if you're not using Accelerate you will see this field but it will be locked. You can hide this field from the new appraisal form by clicking the "x" towards the right.

The Client Technology Fee feature is a part of the Anow Accelerate experience. Contact our support team via live chat, email or by phone if you have any questions!

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